A few words from Individuals whom Savita has worked with in the past. 

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"I am so lucky to have you not only as a friend, but as my guide to get through life more meaningfully. You taught me to care and love myself , so I could love others better which gave me much peace that I needed. You have a gift of keen observation and a helping nature which help people that come in touch with you."
- Gabrielle B. 

"Savita brings a breath of fresh air to coaching. She builds relationships by listening intently and weaves in "real world" personal stories that open your eyes and brings a new dynamic to each and every coaching call. She empowers them to be the best that they can be. Based on her coaching, I not only have become more productive, I relate to people in a different way, focusing on their needs and how I can best serve them."
- Darleen G. 

“Savita is a fantastic coach.  She is great at focusing in and asking the questions to really identify the present moment problem.  In our sessions, she raised my awareness on the importance of self love and what that looks like.  She provided me with excellent tools and ideas on how to practice and improve self love.    I appreciate her ability to meet her clients on a level where they are most open to her help and assistance.  It was then I became open to recognizing my own accountability for issue which I thought were outside of me.”
- Denae

"Gracious are those who touch others with their healing energy and insightful wisdom.  Savita Agarwal, you are quite an angel on Earth.  By the grace of God and through your magnificent teaching, you helped heal an inner, deep-rooted pain that I have been carrying around with me since I was about six years old – that would be forty years ago. You taught me how to love the little girl that resides within my soul who was brutally hurt by life circumstance.  By learning to hold that special little girl in my arms and tell her she is truly loved, I was able to shed many years of pain and welcome hearty tears of joy.  I thank you so very much. Today, God has blessed me beyond measure with further healing.  I asked Jesus to wash away my sins, and He welcomed me with open arms.  I stand rejuvenated and proud to pay the blessing forward.  I pray you continue to bless others as you have blessed me."
- Tarina Lovegrove

"Savita has been my life coach. I could not have had anyone better. She wasalways kind and caring.  Listening without judging and giving such sound advise made it easier for me to progress on my issues. She was a solid support and a positive influence in my life. Having Savita as a Life Coach would be a blessing for anyone one."
- Nancy P.